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Here are a few Testimonies from my wonderful clients!

“Best massage ever! I’ve been to several massage places and she was the best. Very knowledgeable, very peaceful, very friendly. “
Destiny N.
“Those blessed hands of TC’s can feel & heal unseen “owies” and I am so thankful for them. I rely on her for knowledge and encouragement. She knows who and when to have me see a Dr.and I appreciate her caring.”
Marian B.
“The most knowledgeable person you will ever meet in this field. She cares about your well-being and explains what needs to be done to give you the best relief. Most massages I’ve had in the past you feel the person is just going through the motions without actually helping you. TC is one of a kind and you won’t be disappointed.”
Paul W.
“TC is amazing. She knows the anatomy extremely well and gives an excellent massage. It’s personal because she pays attention to what is going on with your body. She will make you feel well cared for and expertly massaged-and with a smile! “
Karen C.
“TC is so amazing. She’s intuitive and skilled. She knows what needs therapy even better than I do. Absolutely incredible. Redding has a gem.”
Christie C.
“Have had a lot of massages. Have had a few massages to heal the hurt. This was the best. what a great experience. She knew where and why it hurt without my input. A real expert. “
Laura D.
“I was visiting the area and needed a supplement massage since it would be 2 weeks before I got back home to my regular masseuse. TC spend time talking with me about my needs, I liked that. The massage was exactly what I asked for and more. I will definitely be seeing her next time I’m there. Thank you TC for making my stay more comfortable.”
Janice P.
“Once again TC to the rescue. Between the weather & being out of Cymbalta for the past 4 days, my body & I were not happy. A good massage focusing on all the “boo-boos” was just what I needed. I know who to see for relief, my partner in battling relieving the pain is always TC. She sees where it hurts I am sure & after 9 years I know who I can trust to help me find some relief. Hugs TC, I am so thankful for you.”
Marian B.
“TC combines knowledge of physiology, listening skills and observation of patient to make an accurate assessment of needs. Then she is able to provide the healing massage therapy that the client needs. The outcome is always excellent!”
Susana G.
“TC does great massages. I told her I was having migraines and she went to town. My pain level is much better now, thanks to TC.”
Heather G.
“TC always seems to know what I need the most. She is gifted and I consider myself very fortunate to have found her. “
Christie C.
“TC has a very special gift of knowing what the body needs and being able to do what is needed. She is amazing. I am so grateful to have found her. “
Christie C.
“I am so thankful for my friend, that strongly encouraged me to go to TC. It was the best experience I have ever received with a message. She really knows how to help your body to heal. I hope you also will be able to experience her wonderful gift God has given her.”
Barbara M.
“I have been going to TC for years and can’t imagine ever using someone else! She has magic fingers, working out all of the stress that I carry in my neck, shoulders and back. She knows right where to look and just what to do. There is no question that I am healthier both mentally and physically because of the massages that I receive from her. Thanks TC!!!”
“I have been going for massage with TC for almost ten years and I wouldn’t even consider going to anyone else Her body work has kept me going through some very difficult health challenges. Plus, she is so knowledgeable about the human body that she has been a super sounding board for me. Her services for me have become a necessity not just a pleasure.. “
Marian B.
“TC has unique gifts as massage therapist…. I was impressed with the therapeutic progress I made with just two sessions. Far more helpful than weeks of physical therapy, and just feels SO good. “
K. T.
“TC is a very sensitive and well trained Massage Therapist. She has the ability to “see” with her finger tips and is able to move deep tissues that have become very tight due to stress. I trust the maintenance of my health and sense of well being to TC completely!”
Susana G.
“TC is a very professional and sweet lady. Her attention to detail and ablity to give an outstanding and well needed break from my pain with her knowledge of deep tissue massage is unequaled. I would recommend her to people in sever mussle pain as well as someone just wanting to feel good and relaxed. “
John C.
“I have peripheral neuopathy in both feet. Since I have been seeing TC on a regular basis, my pain has become much more tolerable. She is very knowledgeable about the circulatory system. “
John M.
“TC has a lot of knowledge and the right touch! I has a few things going on with me all down my left side and she worked on helping correct the problems and let me know what I can do at home as well.”
Jaymi R.
“Clean, quite, professional! T C was very good about figuring out what i needed without me even knowing myself. Usually I’m unable to relax and it hurts too much to enjoy but T C had the perfect touch! Will be going back atleast once a month. “
J. V.
“While vacationing I somehow injured my shoulder. There was pain in the rotation of it and I could not fully extend my arm upwards. Immediately upon return I called T.C. and she promptly began working on it. Within 1.5 hours I had 90% mobility and near zero pain. Today 24 hours later the shoulder is feeling great and I have full mobility.”
Charlie Z.
“TC is a very sensitive and professional therapist. She adapts her knowledge to my specific needs. My time of therapy is totally healing!”
Susana G.
“TC has been treating my limited range of motion for 6+ yrs. For some, massage is a treat. For me, massage is a necessary part of life. I am sure some like quiet time during massage. I prefer the distraction of effortless conversation with a genuine caring person I consider a true friend. She is by far the best in her field! “
Nicole J.
“TC is able to work out all of my knots from Fibromyalgia as well as low back pain. Over the 7+ years I have been going to her I do feel that we have also developed a friendship that I treasure. There has been a large gap between appointments and I sure needed the one yesterday! My left hip & leg was on fire this morning,however alittle ice & then at 3:30pm a nice hot shower and I am doing better. Now to schedule another appointment!!! “
Marian B.
“I have come to TC many times over the years and she has done a wonderful job of making my body feel better. She especially does a great job of listening and getting the hard stressed muscles to loosen in my upper back. It is always well worth the 2+ hours of driving to get a massage from her!”
Tracy K.
“TC cares about her clients. She is willing to adapt to your specific needs, work with doctors/chiropractors for your benefit, or just help you to relax. Grateful to have found her.”
Christie C.
“T.C. is a natural healer! She is able to identify the problem and gently massage the area until its releases.”
Susana G.
“Had some issues after overdoing it on a recent landscape project. As always TC knew exactly what to do to relieve the pain and recommended some exercises too avoid the problem in the future. Her expertise is incredible. Never had a better therapist.”
Dale R.
“Had an issue with some tendonitis in my right arm. TC worked out most of the knots and congestion. My arm felt better than it had in quite a while. Will definitely come back for more when I’m back in town.”
Eric L.
“I came to TC on recommendation after a total loss car accident. My body was traumatized and in very fragile condition but TC was attentive, thorough, and sensitive since day one. She created a safe and trustworthy atmosphere, and amazed me at how she seemed to know what was happening in muscles and tendons more than I did. I’ve since recommended several people to her. One even said she outranked masseuses in San Francisco. You’re missing out if you haven’t been yet.”
Angie D.
“T.C. worked on a problem area where I had experienced nearly constant pain for several weeks, even while walking and sleeping. After a deep tissue massage, I noticed significant improvement within 24 hours. She really knows the muscles and how they interact to pinpoint problems and quickly resolve them. I am very satisfied and will recommend her to others”
“I had a great experience with TC, she asked me lots of questions and listened to what I told her about my issues. TC, tailored my massage to just what was right for me. I have had massages before, but nothing like this. I felt really good after. I plan on going back soon for another massage with TC.”
Susan B.
“Relaxing environment. T.C. is professional and pays attention to the needs of the client. I will be back!”
“TC was wonderful!! My husband heard about her from a friend and bought me a gift card for Christmas. It took me til August to use it because I’ve had a couple less-than-satisfactory massages from other places. I was pleasantly surprised by how comfortable I was with TC. She was engaging but not overly talkative, which was perfect for me. Technically, the massage was great! I will absolutely go back and have already recommended her to others!”
Carli S
“I do not frequently have a massage, but since I was in need of one I was referred to TC. I cannot stress how impressed I was with her knowledge of the body and how well she explained what she was doing and its effects upon the different body parts as they related to your own injuries and healing process.”
Leslie Z
“I have been to numerous massage therapists over the past 15 years and no one can compare to TC. TC knows the function of every muscle in your body, unlike other therapists, therefore is able to pinpoint exactly where to concentrate to reduce your symptoms. TC is prompt, professional and an amazing therapist!”
Michelle L.
“I have been receiving Deep Muscle Massage every other week for last 10 years. I am in good health and enjoy freedom from pain which I attribute to routine massages. Massage has kept me from having symptoms & illnesses that are associated with chronic stress. TC is gifted, very knowledgeable and excellent therapist.”
Robert S
“My wife and I have been taking deep muscle massages for at least 5 years or more once or twice a month. We credit these massages for 50 percent of our health improvement over the years. TC is blessed with a special healing touch.”
Keith S
“Have been looking for someone who understands lymphedema and the proper way to evaluate and give the type of message needed for the stage of lymphedema that presents itself that day. Thanks TC for your input and work you did on my leg to get it down, it is a constant moment to moment struggle to keep the leg from swelling, After all your good work Bill still did a couple of hours at home. – I am happy to have met you and look forward to another session on Friday, May 11th.”
Linda L
“I am not sore today and my left hip is a little better. It is very cool here today so dressed warm and I am going to take a very warm shower and dress warmly again. Trying not to abuse a good thing! Thanks for going to “bat” for me on Monday, TC. I really appreciate your input to my Dr. Hugs, Marian.”
Marian B.
“I was diagnosed with Bells Palsy a year ago. Bells is thought to be caused by the herpes (cold sores) virus attacking the 7th cranial nerve. Symptoms include partial paralysis to one side of the face, as well as extreme weakness and exhaustion. Symptoms manifest themselves quickly, within 3-5 days. Typical recovery can take several weeks to several months or longer. I was diagnosed with Bells Palsy on Day 3 of my symptoms. I went to TC on Day 10. The right side of my face was droopy, my right eyebrow was 1 inch lower than my left, my right eye did not blink, and I could not smile. She did a combination deep tissue massage, acupressure and gently worked my face and neck. I came home feeling energized for the first time in over a week. I saw and felt changes immediately. I was so excited I made two more appointments for the following week. I wish I had a picture of the look on TC’s face when she saw the remarkable change in my face! The rapid improvement was truly miraculous. I am so very thankful for incredible health care professionals such as TC, who use their art of touch for healing. TC is extremely knowledgeable in not only massage, but also nutrition and cleansing. She is quick to share a variety of tricks anyone can do on their own at home. A year later, I continue to prioritize regular massages with TC and highly recommend her to all. Thank you, TC, for your loving and professional care!”
“On Friday the 7th of March I was in quite a lot of pain with my sciatic nerve in my left hip and leg. It was fortunate for me that my husband gave me a gift certificate for Mother’s Day to use on Friday for an hour and a half massage with you. Your attention to my problem area and the way you listen to what my needs are is a blessing indeed. God has given you such a wonderful talent not only with your massage abilities but your whole persona and sweet disposition. My left leg “shimmered” all day Friday and sleeping was tolerable (whereas it wasn’t since Tuesday). Saturday my hip was uncomfortable only when I brought my left ankle up across my right knee to put on my socks and shoes. By Saturday night I felt no pain at all. I drank lots of water as you always remind me to do after my massage and the nice cold bottle of water that you give right after every massage is a refreshing way to get started. Your thoughtfulness and care are very much appreciated–I can hardly wait for my next massage!!”
Beverly Hahn
“This has been one of the most user-friendly services I’ve ever encountered. To be able to book appointments online, and to purchase massage packages online, really suits my needs. And it goes without saying that Art of Touch is the best therapeutic massage company I’ve ever dealt with. T. C. Youngblood is not only professional, but puts the client at ease also. She is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of massage and health, and has helped me for many years now.”
Lynn Nicholson
“Dear TC –

I just wanted to thank you for doing such an excellent job on my massage last Friday. Later that day my whole left leg had that “shimmering water” feeling to it and I figured that my nerve was shaping up! I didn’t have pain sleeping that night but it wasn’t quite healed. I kept drinking my water! By Saturday I only felt a slight discomfort when I put on my socks and shoes in the morning (bending at the hip/waist). By Saturday night I was a new woman!!!!

God works through those hands of yours. I am so thankful that I am able to experience your experience!

I hope your massage therapist was able to help you get the results your were looking for!”

Beverly Hahn
“Dear TC –

I meant to write you sooner, but you know how it goes. Smile. Ken really liked his massage that you gave him. He wasn’t sore and he said you did just the right amount of pressure. Thank you so much. I was very pleased with my Valentine’s Day present to him. I suggested he do it more often and he said he is going to try to do just that.

Thanks again”

“I am a registered nurse and have long been a believer in the many benefits of massage, having seen first hand its positive effects on patients in the Intensive Care Unit … I’ve been lucky enough to have Theresa “TC” Youngblood as my massage therapist. I’ve had many massages over the years, but TC’s technique far surpasses any other.”
Mary T. Johnson
“Scheduled maintenance massages by TC has ensured my well being through periods of stress, physical injury and/or any other ailment relating to soreness of back, shoulders, legs, etc. I would recommend (and have recommended) TC to anyone who requires therapeutic massage maintenance.”
Paul T. Nagengast
“I suffer from Fibromyalgia, active in all eighteen trigger points. I have found therapeutic massage to be more help to me than any other treatment, especially with TC. She is extremely knowledgeable in her field as well as very trained. She goes beyond basic massage to incorporate compassion, kindness and, understanding … I would recommend her to anyone who thinks he or she might benefit from the wonders of therapeutic massage.”
Sandi Ingram
“As a massage therapist she (TC) is one the best. She works hard and always goes the extra mile … She is extremely professional. She is very caring … and it shows in her work as well as personality.”
Forrest E. Greek
“TC has been wonderful at finding the “problem spots” and working on them. She has a lot of knowledge about muscles and nerves and how they all work. I always feel that I am in good hands when she works on me. I would highly recommend her as a massage therapist.”
Jeanne Clark
“TC is very knowledgeable and skillful in “deep tissue” massage, which is what I need. She is very good at finding those places in the body that hold on to stress and encouraging them to let go … TC is always welcoming and respectful during my appointment. I highly recommend TC to anyone who wants a good massage.”
Mary L. Trost